Legend™ BC System

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The Halcyon Legend™ is designed to let you disappear from your mental landscape by making all your dives more efficient and more fun.

 The Legend’s new shape helps enhance a flat trim position, especially for those that experience difficulty in keeping their legs up.

 Two different lift capacities allow easy pairing with small doubles or large, heavy steel tanks.

 Divers said their dives felt effortless with the Legend™ wing's form factor.

  • CE-certified Legend™ Buoyancy Compensator (wing) - available in 40-, or 60-lb. (18-, or 27-kg) lift capacity
  • Choice of aluminum or stainless steel backplate - in small, standard, or long size
  • Complete Secure Harness - infinitely adjustable and designed to fit you perfectly
  • Upgrade to Cinch™ Quick Adjust System for precise, instant sizing
  • Assembly required 
  • Inflator with 52 CM / 22 IN LP hose comes standard on Halcyon wings
  • Custom colors available, see examples here!
  • For Customization, please refer to the custom chart here and email us at sales@livingoceans.com.sg