Skip the waiting of 8-11 weeks with our readily-available custom wings from Halcyon Dive Systems!

Simply pick your choice of wing color, backplate and get it fitted personally for you.


Personalize your Halcyon BC with choices of multiple colors to mix and match! Click here to visit the custom page and contact us with your choice of colors!

Introduction to Tern & Tern TX

Designed with the sport diver in mind, the new Tern & Tern TX models are powerful, simple, reliable, and the most compact dive computers we have ever brought to market. The range includes the Shearwater Tern and the enhanced Tern TX, which boasts transmitter-enabled diving, capable of connecting with up to four Swift gas pressure transmitters and includes a digital compass for superior underwater navigation.

With a watch-style form factor, the 1.3” diameter AMOLED screen provides crystal-clear visibility in a variety of lighting conditions, making it easier than ever for divers to keep track of their crucial information. The vibrant, best in class high-resolution display offers Shearwater’s renowned user interface that provides divers with at-a-glance access to vital data, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable diving experience.

Designed and built in Canada, The Tern & Tern TX are depth rated to 120 metres and tested to engineering EN standards for dive computer compliance. Tern and Tern TX support Air, Nitrox, 3 Gas Nitrox, Gauge, and Freedive modes.

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