Eron D-1 Dashboard

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    • Wireless DPV data receiver
    • DPV and wrist mounting
    • One touch functions activation
    • Minutes of Residual DPV Burntime at actual speed
    • DPV Battery state of charge
    • DPV Instant fuel consumption
    • DPV Speed through the water (with Synapsy nose)
    • DPV travelled Distance through the water (with Synapsy nose)


    • Heading
    • Course
    • Waypoints
    • DPV customized compass settings
    • Advanced 3 axis Accelerometer, Compass and Gyro
    • Proprietary fusion firmware
    • GPS (with Synapsy nose)


    • Depth
    • Max Depth
    • Average Depth
    • Ascent speed
    • Stop Watch
    • Water Temp
    • Editable Notes Pages
    • Logs
    • AA user’s replaceable battery