Ocean Positive Beach Towel

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The sea sponge; one of the oldest forms of animal life present on our planet today. These ancient creatures have survived millennia because of their simple structure which allows them to adapt and evolve quickly to suit different environments. Sponges and their photosynthesising endosymbionts produce up to three times more oxygen and organic matter than they consume, they filter and purify a huge volume of water every day and make a major contribution to the marine food web and maintenance of reef biodiversity.

Super soft and absorbent, 100% GOTS certified organic beach towel design, was inspired specifically by the glass sea sponge. One side of this towel is soft terry loops, ideal for drying, and the other side is a luxurious plush velour, perfect for relaxing in the sun.

  • 100% GOTS organic cotton
  • Absorbent terry for drying
  • Luxurious velour outer
  • Cotton loop for hanging
  • Glass sea sponge inspired design
  • 160cm x 86cm / 63" x 33"
  • Made in Portugal