Scout Back-Up Lights

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Halcyon’s High-Performance (HP) LED Scout lights redefined industry perception and continue to offer amazing value with a solid construction, well-designed components, and ongoing enhancements. The Scout light is machined from a solid piece of Delrin, with stainless steel internal components. The exterior is shaped into a unique pattern for easy gripping. Meanwhile, the bulb cover is manufactured from Lexan—the same material used for bullet-proof glass.

Customize your HP LED Scout Light by adding engraved text along the side of the Scout body. Additional fees may apply. Contact us at

  • HP LED Scout: 3 “C” cell backup light - 4 hour burn time
  • HP LED Scout Mini: 2 “C” cell backup light - 3 hour burn time 
  • LED light output: est. 375 lux @ 5m (15Fft)
  • LED Scouts deliver a tightly focused beam of highly visible white light