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E.Motion SILVER MOON drysuit in the special color edition is unique among other drysuit models, it emphasizes the original and modern approach to diving. Is designed for divers who want to be noticeable and feel like a part of a distinguished, limited group of divers.

Made of lightweight Nylon fabric, which provides great flexibility and essential durability. Critical points, particularly vulnerable to damage and abrasion, have been adequately protected with a durable E.Lite fabric. The original color combination looks very attractive on a diver, especially underwater. Silver Moon has a specially designed stylish and modern logo, emphasizing dynamic features of the product.

The Unique Limited Silver Moon Line was created only in a limited number of drysuits, which is additionally accompanied by special benefits. Silver Moon is equipped in standard with an innovative SANTI Smart Seals® system and Neoprene hood ‘7 or ‘11.


  • Total weight: 3,4 kg,
  • Fabric: Ripstop Nylon/Butylene 235 g/m2 and Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 535 g/m2 (elbows, crotch/bottom area, knees, lower front of the legs).

In standard equipped with:

  • Colors: silver, black,
  • Front aquaseal zip covered by an additional zip-fastened flap,
  • Telescopic torso,
  • Hood ‘11 or ‘7,
  • Neck seal made of latex insulated by 3 mm neoprene collar,
  • Reflective silver tape at the sleeve piping,
  • Flexsole boots,
  • Apeks inlet valve,
  • High-profile Apeks outlet valve,
  • Two spacious utilities pockets with elastic bungee loops and pocket for wet notes,
  • The right pocket with zip-fastened flap with a small pocket for double ender clip,
  • Latex wrist seals,
  • SANTI SmartSeals® ring system for easy seals exchange,
  • Inside suspenders with handy pocket,
  • Medium pressure hose 75cm long,
  • STAY DRY travel bag,
  • Silver Moon T-shirt.