Step 3 - Wrist Seal Options

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Hard-wearing and inexpensive, latex seals are a popular choice for recreational and technical divers alike.


3mm neoprene wrist seals are considered by some divers to be more comfortable than latex seals and stand up to abrasion well.


The Ellipse wrist system uses silicone seals and provides an easy solution for dry gloves. Designed by fourth element and manufactured by Si-Tech, the seals can be easily swapped out enabling quick repairs. If you wish to wear drygloves, please select the ‘Ellipse Dryglove Attachment’ option.

PSI (Press Lock)

Machined from anodised aluminium to protect against corrosion, this premium dry glove system is designed to work with the Si-Tech PU suit ring to allow a quick and easy change of silicone wrist seals. The glove-to-suit sealing o-ring seals confidently with little effort thanks to a user-friendly colour-coded bayonet lock.

Si-Tech QCP XL

The Si-Tech QCP XL (Quick Cuff Platform) is only recommend for divers with large hands, who may struggle to get their hands through the oval ring of the Ellipse system. Using larger, round rings, the Si-Tech QCP XL system also has the benefit of easily replaceable silicone seals.