Step 4 (Optional) - P-Valve Options

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Choose your P-Valve. If you decided not to install a P-Valve in your suit, you may skip this step and move on to step 4 here. (You may install a P-Valve after you received your suit)


The Si-Tech is a balanced, pressure compensated p-valve. Its design is simple and easy to clean. It is very low profile at less than 2cm high when mounted to the drysuit.

Light Monkey

Machined from solid Delrin®, the Light Monkey p-valve is a robust, balanced p-valve with engraved fourth element logo. It comes with a ‘quick disconnect’ to aid quick and easy changes.


With a solid Delrin® body, the Halcyon Streamline p-valve is a robust, balanced p-valve allowing easy operation, even when wearing drygloves.