Step 6 - Valves Options

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Choose your inflator / dump valve options.


The Si-Tech valves come with the ‘Balder’ push-to-fit rubber hose, designed to be used for low dexterity (such as wearing thick drygloves). Boasting excellent responsiveness to small changes in pressure, the ‘Shell’ inflate valve and ‘Argo’ dump valve offer precise control and low profile. Made in Sweden.


The Apeks low profile ‘Swivel’ inflate valve and automatic dump valve, with fast rates of inflation and rapid exhaust flow, are a robust and reliable choice. The Apeks valves come with an Apeks rubber hose and Seatec inflation nipple on the inflate valve. Made in the UK.


Apollo Bio-Valves. These valves, designed and manufactured by Apollo in Japan and are low profile, intuitive to operate and simple to maintain, even in the field. Activated with highly responsive side mounted levers in both cases, the inflate valve needs a gentle squeeze rather than push onto the chest. To manually operate the exhaust valve, the wearer can simply slide a hand up the arm to touch the edge of the valve. The Apollo valves come with a Hydpro PU-coated braided hose.