Swift AI Transmitter

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    Advanced collision avoidance system ensures reliability using multiple transmitters
    Randomized transmit interval allows for reliable simultaneous use of multiple Swift transmitters
    LED status indicator
    Easy ‘no tools’ installation and removal on divers first stage
    Compatible with all existing air integrated Shearwater dive computers and many other computers already on the market
    Size 76mm (L) x 34mm (D)
    Weight 135g
    Battery type CR2 3V Lithium (User replaceable)
    Battery operating life Up to 300 dive hours
    (HP pressure present)
    5  year storage time
    Depth limit 200msw
    Operating temperature range +4C to +34C
    Short-term (hours) temperature range -10C to +50C
    Pressure port 7/16" - 20NF
    Rated air pressure 300 bar/4350 psi
    Pressure reporting resolution 0.14 bar / 2 psi
    HP port proof pressure 450 bar / 6525 psi
    Accuracy 5% full scale
    Zero offset < 3.5 bar (50 psi)
    Activation pressure 7 bar (100 psi)
    De-activation pressure 3.5 bar (50 psi)
    Cover screws 1.5mm hex
    Body o-ring 24 x 1.5mm
    HP port o-ring AS568-904 75A