Swimwear - Harlequin

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Made using recycled nylon
UV Protection UPF 50+
Improved chlorine and salt resistance
High coverage, supportive styles
Minimal hooks, ties and clasps, made to wear under a wetsuit
Designed for active watersports
Biodegradable packaging

Fin Collection

From oceans deep to vibrant reefs we find our most majestic marine creature, the shark.

This once bountiful animal rules the open seas with a bold and elegant style. There are over 500 species of shark, all with different personalities, shapes and forms which have adapted to living in a diverse range of aquatic habitats. Their intricate skins allow them to move quickly through the water with ease and efficiency and their predatory nature is essential to the natural order of the ocean. Despite all of this, sharks are gravely endangered with over 200 species on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list.

Fourth Element’s Fin Collection takes inspiration from the shark in all its forms, offering a sleek, streamlined range which suits many body shapes and sizes. Intricate but bold abstract prints with strong colour blocking are super-sized to represent our beloved sharks in all their magnificent glory.